Friday, January 23, 2015


Tote from Stumper Fielding.

Antique felt picture, wool scarf & alpaca mittens. I like my woollens! 

Pebbles collected from the beach at Brighton Pier.

Silver basket charm from a Victorian bracelet.

It's a little dinged up, which is, of course, why I couldn't leave it behind.

Homemade soap, Victorian jet mourning pin, vintage rhinestone pin.

Liberty cotton handkerchief.

A Berlin-based potter made this gorgeous cup.

Frozen Charlotte bisque dolls, excavated from the Limbach doll factory dumping grounds. Jon found and bought these for me as a surprise, knowing how much I've always wanted one. Now I have five!

Silver locket engraved with a swallow.

Back in snowy Ottawa, enjoying my new (mostly old) stuff. Photos of me by Jon Paul Fiorentino.

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  1. From RC. Love the two pictures with the Stumper Fielding bag. So so good. :) hugs and kisses.