Friday, April 4, 2014

Pattern of a dream man

"First, any girl with an ounce of sense wants a strong man; not strong-can-lift-a-piano, but strong-can-make-his-own decisions-and-stick-to-them […] Next, you want a man who is going somewhere and is on his way even if it keeps him too preoccupied for your taste […] It is important that he have a purpose" as well as "a sense of responsibility." 

"And now about […] thoughtfulness and consideration. This is where girls can go awfully wrong. What you want is not a man who can remember unimportant things, like the well-known birthdays. That's just a matter of home-training. What you do want, even in a friend, is a man who, when you really need him is right there." 

- Henrietta Ripperger, "Maid in America: Pattern of a Dream Man." Good Housekeeping Feb 1941: 70. 

So there you have it. 

Last photo by Sharon Simpson

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